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Mindful Mamas, Connected Kids self study$0

Get video, audio files, and transcripts from all 8 modules:

Reflection: Why are you so drained?

Recognizing and minimizing your triggers

Reprograming your mind

Living mindfully

The one question to ask yourself

Putting it all into practice and getting back on track

Teaching mindfulness to your kids

Connecting to your kids

Plus BONUS routines for days at home with kids and cheat sheet tips

Wow, I felt like you was talking right to me throughout this course! You understood where I'm coming from and made me feel like my challenges are normal while also giving practical strategies for becoming a calmer, more responsive mom to my two young children. 

The journal prompts were really helpful for digging deeper into the moments where I feel angry and understand the real emotions behind them. Thank you for putting this course together!

Bev Feldman,
Mom and small business owner

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Before taking From Reactive to Responsive, I found myself yelling to get the attention of my young daughters (ages 2 and 5) when they were arguing and yelling at each other over a toy. As my voice got louder, so did my anger and frustration levels. Samantha has lots of great tips and journal questions that helped me to dig into what was causing that and what to do about it in the moment. I learned to pause a moment and acknowledge that the situation is not an emergency before responding, which has made a huge difference for both my girls and myself. While the knowledge I learned in this course, I even created a new family mantra. We now say, 'There is time to be kind,' and we're able to use our nice, kind voices with one another. The girls are still learning not to raise their voices at each other, but Mommy has learned to keep her cool.

Mom of 2

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